Questions and Tips natural skin care

What else can I do to help maintain my new healthy skin?

Beautiful skin does not just come from what you put on it. Keeping a healthy gut helps to control the bad bacteria in your body which can come out in your pores and cause acne. There are several ways to begin your journey in being healthy on the inside and the outside.

  • Stay hydrated so things keep moving along smoothly in your gut.
  • Eat clean! Lots of fresh veggies and fruit and stay away from fast food.
  • Studies have shown that creating a more alkaline atmosphere in your body will help with inflammation and acne.
  • Juice or make smoothies with celery and other leafy greens.
  • Avoid sugars, breads and processed carbs.
  • Take a probiotic
  • Vitamin D is great for the inside and outside of your body, just remember your sun screen.
  • Keep your phone clean and off your face. Phones carry tons of bacteria that can be getting into your skin.
  • Lay off the coffee a bit, caffeine can throw off your bodies natural pH balance creating inflammation on your skin.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Use a clean applicator when applying your makeup, never use your fingers.
  • Keep your fingers off your face throughout the day.
  • Try not to pop your pimples, let them go away naturally. If you do though make sure you use a pimple extractor and leave it alone once it has been extracted. The clear stuff that comes out afterwards is your bodies natural way of getting ready for the healing process. Do not continue you expel that substance. It will dry naturally and create a protection over the area. Try not to pick at the skin as it heals, even though it may appear “ugly” and the surface uneven it will heal quicker and will not scar.

And remember patience…your body will need a few weeks to adapt to your new healthy skin care regimen.


If all your products are organic and natural, why do they contain a small amount of preservative?

Rosewater and Aloe Vera offer amazing skin benefits, but are feeding grounds for bacteria, fungi and yeast.  When fed nutrients and vitamins these ingredients can grow harmful micro organisms that can be harmful to your health. Unfortunately, there is not an all natural product that can be used as a preservative that will give you the protection you need against these harmful growths. If bacteria or fungi from an unprotected all natural product enters your skin it can cause a wide range of health issues and can poison you faster and far worse than the small amount of preservatives I have chosen. Without proper protection it can be very harmful to your health and your skin.



The importance of cleansing and detoxing your skin

From the time you wake up your skin is faced with pollutants, toxins and impurities that embed themselves in your pores. You must continuously rid your skin of this buildup in order to keep your skin healthy. The first step in detoxing your skin is to cleanse it daily with the Green Tea Cleanser. 

The importance of toning your skin

Your skin needs an extra boost after you cleanse it. It is important to prep your skin by helping to unclog pores and remove any excess makeup and dirt before you nourish it. This toner helps to keep your skin protected from outside pollutants while keeping your cells healthy. It also plays an important role in minimizing your pores. 

The importance of nourishing your skin

Don't let adding oil to your skin care routine scare you. Many think when their skin is oily they should dry it out. That is a big no no. Drying out your oily skin will only cause it to become more oily. When your skin is dehydrated its natural defense is to produce more oils. Isn’t that ironic? Your oily skin can actually be dehydrated. This over production of oil can clog your pores and lead to break outs. Adding oil and moisture to your skin care routine will help even out your skins natural oil production and help you maintain properly nourished skin.   

All our products were formulated to cocktail together in your hand for application. For example, if you need more moisture you can cocktail the Pure 7 with the Antioxidant Serum in your hand first and apply to your face and neck. The Rosewater toner also cocktails great with the Pure 7.